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Program Name : Mysterious metal ball from space falls in Namibia
Category : Sci-Tech
Program Description : A mysterious metal ball reportedly fell from space , landing in a grasslands area of the African nation of Namibia.

So far experts claim the object is not of alien origin. It has two bumps on each end, appears to be hollow and weights about 13 pounds.

Namibia's National Forensic Science Institute Director Paul Ludik said the sphere is 3.6 feet around and is made out of a "sophisticated" alloy that is not unknown to modern science, although it has no identifying markings to link it with a country or a company.

So far that's about all we're told. But we have 2 nagging questions: 1) How can a hollow ball that is one yard in circumference and only 13 pounds manage to survive traveling through the earth's atmosphere? And 2) Why didn't this hollow ball collapse on impact?

ANSWERS (not in video): The mystery ball was apparently a satellite surface tension tank filled with hydrazine. Visit the manufacturer's web site to view the ball and its specs:
Total Duration : 1 Minutes
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